In-Pack Coupons vs. Free Standing Inserts (FSI's)

Free standing inserts -- FSI's -- are those bundles of coupons found in most Sunday newspapers. FSI's only reach consumers who subscribe to the publication, and only a fraction of the subscribers use those coupon. FSI's are known for low redemption rates.

In-pack coupons are found inside your product's package. They reach your most important decision maker: your customer! In-pack coupons have a substantially higher redemption rate and allow you an opportunity to establish a deeper relationship by offering a discount on a future purchase, providing valuable information, promoting other products you produce, or driving them to your "members only" area of your web site.

In-pack coupons drive brand allegiance while encouraging repeat purchase behavior. 100% of in-pack coupons and inserts are delivered directly to your customers. No other marketing vehicle connects you so efficiently with your customer base at such a low cost.

Gallimore Industries prints in-pack and on-pack promotional items, including coupons. Gallimore also provides inserting equipment that can insert your promotional item. For a no-obligation estimate, please share details about your next project with us:



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When you choose Gallimore, you gain access to our in-house prepress, multiple high speed web presses, folding, die cutting, wrapping, warehousing, and distribution departments. Gallimore's AIB (American Institute of Baking) certification ensures the insert materials we use are traceable and provides a clean environment. And our decades of experience will help you meet FDA and USDA regulations, avoid recalls, and produce reliable inserts best suited for your product.

Gallimore inserts are designed for 100% compatibility with Gallimore inserter equipment. Gallimore coupons are supplied in trays or bandolier-style for easy handling and loading in our various inserter models:

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