Gallimore Industries offers in-pack and on-pack promotional items, high volume web printing, and patented inserting equipment. Since 1972, Gallimore has produced thousands of promotional campaigns designed to increase market share, generate repeat business, cultivate lifetime customers, regionalize campaigns, and more. Put our experience to work for you.

NEW! Introducing Gallimore's newest tool to insert coupons, tattoos, prizes, booklets, recipes, game pieces, et cetera! The 800 Series can handle paper, film, foil, clear, and metalized wrapping, and offers: Intelligent Automation · Easy Setup · Carefree Operation · Built To Last · Flexible Installation!

Coupon Marketing Resources:
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Reach New Customers at Half the Cost

The Coupon Marketing Resource Book
We'll give you our 24-page eBook packed with 17 of our most popular resources, including:
  • 50 Coupon Campaign Ideas
  • Coupon Design Considerations
  • Coupon Copy Requirements
  • What Are On-Pack Coupons?
  • And Much More!
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